Ana-Maria Ovadiuc released children's book "Three cats and a square ball '
Article by Daniela Micutaru, Monitorul de Suceava paper



            Ana -Maria Ovadiuc profesional artist (AMO b. 1968 Romania) launched on November 17, at the History Museum of Suceava, illustrated book for children entitled "Three cats and a ball square". The event, which included an exhibition of watercolor showing illustrations made for this book took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere, where there were many children, because their addressees book, but also great people with soul children. It was the desire of the author and illustrator of the book Ana-Maria Ovadiuc, to bring the children to the museum, "to know, to make friends, to be together and enjoy each other." I have stood at the opening parents, husband, daughter, close friends, people that I love and cherish his work and talent.

"I've invited you to an exhibition dedicated to children, and those children who feel great," said artist at the beginning of the opening, continuing to reveal little readers something from the book "Three cats and a ball square". Girlfriend artist Cristina Jacob, the History Museum, host of the event, read the book story "tomcat snowdrop", leaving the children to discover themselves on "the adventures of three cats, the grandmother Sabina and balls square". Surrounded by dozens of children and parents at the end, the author of autographs and answered questions from young readers.

Simple language understandable to children, sincere and jovial, with a fine dose of humor

Ana-Maria Ovadiuc also published children's books, for which he made illustrations: "hammock" (Iasi, 2009 - illustration in watercolor, Iaşi, 2013 - illustration digital) and "The Story of the Blue Bay" (Suceava, 2015). As he told the author, "the book is dedicated to his good friend and invaluable collaborator assoc. Prof. dr. Sabina Fînaru. Moreover, the very central character of the story, which gives the title of the first sequences eventful is called Sabina, the embodiment of goodness, gentleness, generosity, joy of loving and giving, one that thinks that <every animal is a soul stray, brought from the land of the free face> and <embodied in a new body>.

Associate prof doctor Claudia Costin said events are placed in short area close to the story - the street "shortest" a city of and the hills in a "small house with red roof" (the smallest and the oldest house in the city), whose fence wrote number one, but also in the lovely garden of it with flowers "Good morning," the grandmother Sabina, a summer day in which, oddly, it had snowed, threw blue flowers - like a ritual magic - and the sun rises. The other characters that revolve around the actor are, not coincidentally, being dumb (three cats, a frog, a dragonfly), because they are, in fact, the author's favorite characters. The book is written in simple language understandable to children, sincere and jovial, with a fine dose of humor.

"The three cats (one purple, the other gray and third white), called Tobo (beating paws in the pad like a drummer), Mâţart (loved Mozart) and Snowdrop (have fur as white as snow) trying to < Poor> skein square Poc that changes color when bounced, and with them a frog and dragonfly-Flu (<small > with scales like a dragon, diamond tear, born in morning under an ivy leaf> ) increases the desire to play and need to play as scaling or resizing of being and beings. Moreover, we believe it is the message of the story < Three cats and a square ball > , "believes assoc. prof . Claudia Costin.






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