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The fact a serene encounters  with art in a sunny day on Monday, 1 June 2015,  the Children's Day, meant a time of simple pleasures but rare,  mainly because temporal distance increased significantly between the early years of the beginning of life and Step her late when we praise interlocutors with flattering words: ,, good show! " Joys occasion we were given an exhibition whose author is the young painter who signs with the initials AMO.
The exhibition to which we refer is perceptible spontaneous coherence of the whole unit under the thematic aspect but also in terms of the art watercolor painting which is distinguished mainly by subtlety and delicacy.
Proposed for public viewing in the Art Gallery ,, Th. Pallady "Street Lăpuşneanu ( Romania - Iasy), the exhibition becomes accessible after the visitor (yet) echoes slipping between stones, dirt, piles of stone and marble tiles. At the time of the opening those who dared to face the noise and dust they did only because they were convinced that they would benefit even for a few minutes joys of art proposed by the generous invitation of the author, Ana-Maria Ovadiuc. They were able to escape in the imaginative world of childhood forgotten those minutes and stories illustrated with candor and professionalism.
With few exceptions, the content of the exhibition is devoted to texts written by an author compatible with the art painter to enjoy the curiosity and imagination of children. Although mastering professional modern means of design, processing and realization of illustrations with handy programs computer, AMO prefer to use the traditional technique of watercolor, being convinced that through this way expressivity is much richer than reducers accurate and arid too limiting image obtained by computer possibilities. Otherwise expressed these ideas, they reveal that the author is the beneficiary of a first base formative practices that computer. Adjacent passion for painting led her to an important moment in his life when approaching the painting parallel opting for university specialist and doctorate in visual arts.
This misalliance between the two fields, only apparently divergent opened creative horizons great vision of the artist. Watercolor paintings signed by AMO reveals a good visual memory and spirit of observation. Drawing on reality, she extracted essential for their expressiveness. This is visible in works whose subjects are portrayed human figures demonstrating the ability to capture typologies and characteristic elements of the faces represented.
Referring to the exhibition with illustrations in watercolor technique repertoire notice and if that resorting to transform texts plastic images sequentially, acute sense of observation of reality. Are obvious (for starters) realistic representations, analytical creatures of the insect world and ephemeris, animal or botanical nature, biological or geological who once studied are becoming heroes personified and humanized stories and events announced in the pages of books with words.
Their plastic language interpretation by drawing, color and other means of expression, the artist is concern thorough quality graphics and plasticity of the image composition. The author engages the core story of child living with candor events when asthenia surface drawing paper, translucent film, colorful and transparent pigments by diluting with water and putting them smooth and soft brush. Illustrations releases its tonic impressions of optimism, goodwill and trust in positive moods that can be found in the simplicity of life. Rich imagination, perseverance accompanying sense of humor that the author insists on the details. The qualities of watercolor painting made by AMO, whether illustrations and works with different subjects stand out by combining freedom with touches of spontaneous lucid appearance development.    Off topic subjects generous illustrations of texts written by children, the artist focuses on the representation of some aspects of nature in a spontaneous way. A house in Iacobeni, somewhere at the edge of streets, a group of chrysanthemums in a garden or flowers arranged in a vase, and in full admiration for the branch of a tree laden with ripe apples in the town Frumosu ( Romania - county Suceava) and differently colored.  A n art place  for AMO represents Balchik (Bulgaria), in memory of the great moments in the evolution of Romanian painting from the first half of the twentieth century painters and peerless models love those places.
Although her artistic career is still in its infancy, the current exhibition and paintings made during the three editions of the Symposium of painting and drawing ,,Iacobeni - peculiarities imaging“ artist has enough arguments to be considered alongside fellow his generation a convincing promise today Bukovina painters grouped among the city Suceava.

She is a member of UAP Uniunii Artiștilor Plastici Profesioniști din România, quality acquired talent and professionalism shown creations frequently brought before the public.

Prof. univ. dr. pictor  Liviu SUHAR,

                                                            President of ,, Liviu SUHAR Art and Education Assocition "





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