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Three Cats and a ball Square by Ana-Maria Ovadiuc or the story as a bridge between generations

Already known wide group of readers of all ages, books written and illustrated by Ana-Maria OVADIUC such as hammocks (Iaşi, 2009 - illustration in watercolor, Iaşi, 2013 - illustration digital) and STORY from Blue Bay (Suceava, 2015), generates undoubtedly the joy and pleasure of reading, especially for children.

To the expectations of small, but the great lovers of stories and tales, Ana-Maria OVADIUC responds with a new challenge, by text and illustration: THREE CATS AND a ball SQUARE book published by AMO in Suceava, this year .

According to the author, the book is dedicated to his good friend and invaluable collaborator, conf.univ.dr. Sabina Fînaru. Moreover, the very central character of the story, which gives the title of the first sequences eventful is called Sabina, the embodiment of goodness, gentleness, generosity, joy of loving and giving, that believes that "every animal is a soul stray, brought from the land of the free chip "and" incarnate into a new body. "

Receiving attribute of unrepetable, for "once upon a time" narrative - written in a simple language accessible to children - falls within the ludic and is dominated by fine humor, honest, jovial.De Indeed, this is one of the "weapons" favorites the author to capture the attention of readers virtuality. Evenimenţialul is placed in an area close to the story - the street "shortest" a city of and the hills in a "small house with red roof" (the smallest and oldest house in town), whose fence wrote number one, but also in the lovely garden of it with flowers "Good morning," the grandmother Sabina, a summer day in which, oddly, it had snowed, threw blue flowers - as a ritual magic - and the sun rises.

The other characters that revolve around the actor are, not coincidentally, being dumb (three cats, a frog, a dragonfly), because they are, in fact, the author's favorite characters. The three cats (one purple, gray and other third white), called Tobo (paws pounded the pillow) Mâţart (loved Mozart) and Snowdrop (with snow-white fur) trying to "recover" skein square Poc that changes color when bounced, and with them a frog and Flu-dragonfly ( "small, <with scales like a dragon> diamond tear, born in morning under a leaf ivy ') increases the desire to play and need to play as scaling or resizing of being and beings.

Moreover, we believes that is the message of the story Three cats and a ball square. This story, like all created by Ana-Maria OVADIUC it delivers the idea of ​​his sensitize children to reading to learn about the world they live in, for, as Umberto Eco says, "to understand the world, build stories to explain it."

Book Three cats and a ball square Ana-Maria OVADIUC an illustration that shows talent and passion remind us that love, kindness and playfulness make us more human and shows us how to be ourselves. (text by Claudia COSTIN, Associate profesor at Stephan The Great Universty of Suceava)






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